2018 Top Cypress, TX Communities by Cy-Fair ISD Schools

Cy-Fair Real Estate strives to continually create new, dynamic tools that will aid in the search for a perfect home. We understand that when families are looking at neighborhoods for a new home, good schools are almost always a top priority.

Our site provides a unique feature that shows you not only the homes zoned to certain schools in the Cy-Fair School District but also where they rank in regards to Student Achievement, Campus Performance, and Growth.

Below is a list of 35 communities in the Cypress, TX area ranked by schools using the 2018 Children at Risk school rankings that are summarized on our "Cy-Fair ISD Schools" page. 

It is important to note that there have been new schools built in the Elementary and High School levels that do not have enough data to be input into the 2018 scoring system. Therefore, we used the rankings for the schools that each neighborhood was zoned to for the Seniors in High School. Bridgeland High School, Wells Elementary School, Cypress Park High School, and Hoover Elementary School are all new schools that are not included in this statistic.

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