Home Maintenance Tasks To Do While Stuck at Home

Home Maintenance Tasks To Do While Stuck at Home

By Desiree Miller 


While folks in the northern U.S. are still running their furnaces, springtime in Texas already has homeowners clamoring to open their pools and break out their tools. There’s no shortage of areas that need attention.But some projects are more time-sensitive. The best spring maintenance jobs are the ones that’ll save you time and hassle in the summer. Here are the best tasks for you to tackle this spring. And we’ll add a few tips to save you a little money along the way!

Get a Jump on Pest Control Source

When warm weather hits, you can bet the bugs are multiplying. If you start thinking early about pest control, you can stop problems before they start. Calling in a pest control professional to bait and spray is a solid investment. There are other measures to consider that don't require an exterminator. You may need to install drainage to control the mosquitoes. There are several pest control tasks you can tackle yourself. Just clearing your property of yard debris removes a potential habitat for all kinds of critters. Clean the GuttersOne way to limit mosquitoes is to clean out the debris and stagnant water gathered in your gutters and downspouts over the winter. Few folks relish the idea of heading out on the roof to get elbow deep in goo, but the effort will pay off! Heavy, clogged gutters cause all sorts of property damage. Keeping gutters clean isn’t glamorous, but it’ll save you money on repairs and mosquito repellent.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Source

Midsummer electric bills often give a jolt — especially if you have a balky system. Tackling a few energy-saving projects before the summer heat arrives can save repair costs later. First, change all the filters in your vents. Have the AC inspected and tuned up. A spring tune-up ensures your unit isn’t working harder than it should. This reduces energy consumption. It also lowers the likelihood of your AC dying when the temperatures start rising. Landscaping, Lawn Care, Outdoor LightingFriendly gatherings, and family get-togethers are summertime staples. The time to get your backyard ready for those gatherings is in the spring. The weeks after winter is the perfect time to lay sod or enhance walkways. Spring is also a great time to add flowers or start a vegetable garden. Daytime gatherings get mighty hot in the middle of summer. Add some outdoor solar lights to extend your patio use this summer.

Clean Outdoor Furniture Source

Your patio furniture is built to withstand the elements. But it still needs a little attention to perform its best and reach its life expectancy. Sometimes, all it takes is a few minutes with a hose or power washer. Some pieces have cushion covers you can remove and run through a washing machine. If in doubt, tags and packaging should lay out any preferred cleaning methods for your outdoor furniture.

Clean Walkways, Patio


As long as you've got the power washer, now's the time to give the walkways and deck or patio a good scrubbing. You'll be amazed at how much dirt and grime have built up over the winter. 

Organize the Garage


For many of us, the garage is as much storage space as it is a parking space. It's a place to keep our power tools and other seasonal items. Summer lawn chores will be easier if you organize the garage now. Go through cabinets and boxes. Discard or donate the items you no longer use. And rethink the way you store the items you want to keep. Overhead storage or stand-alone shelving and cabinetry create lots of usable space. You can give closets the same treatment as the garage. You’ll be surprised at how much more fits into a garage or closet that’s reorganized!

Desiree Miller staged her first house at age 6. By all accounts, Barbie and Ken loved her work, and she’s stuck with it ever since. She still stages homes today and writes about real estate topics.

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