Think Your New Home is Clean?

Think Your New Home is Clean? Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Think Again

Your boxes are packed and your lease is signed, but have you thought about cleaning your new home before your arrival? Cleaning is an important step many people forget when moving into a new place, but they really shouldn’t. If this task hasn’t made it onto your moving list yet, here are some very good reasons you should move it to the top.

Because New Apartments Are Not Always Completely Clean

When you move into an apartment or any rental property, the landlord will typically have the home cleaned sometime before you move in. However, it’s important to know how long it’s been since your new home was cleaned. To ensure that you have a clean slate, consider hiring your very own apartment cleaning pros to give your home a truly deep clean you can trust. Wondering who to hire? An online search tool makes it easy to locate professionals in your area. Those pros will know exactly which areas of your new home need to be cleaned the most.

Since you prep your food in the kitchen, this room needs to be spotless, but you should also check that dust is removed from high spots throughout your new place. Dust can cling to the tops of cabinets, window coverings, and fabrics, and that dust can make you sick. Cleaning for allergens will help eliminate those particles from filling the air in your new home.

Because Even a Clean Home Can Have Less Than Clean Air

If your home looks spotless during your move-in inspection, that still does not mean it is as clean as it could be. In fact, you just may not be able to see the dangers that could threaten your health. Indoor air pollutants can come from building materials, gas appliances, and any other toxins the previous tenants may have left behind. Those pollutants can cause respiratory issues for your entire family, so make sure you take as many steps as you can to get them out of your home. You can make your air cleaner with the deep cleaning mentioned above to reduce dust but it’s also wise to open a window and let some fresh air inside.

Even the cleaners you use to tidy up your new home can pose a risk for additional indoor air pollution, so as you clean be sure to use safer, non-toxic cleaning products. These natural cleaners use essential oils and other natural ingredients in place of potentially dangerous chemicals, so you will know that your newly clean home is truly clean and safe for your family.

Because a Cleaner Home Can Mean Much Less Stress for You

Protecting yourself from harmful bacteria, allergens, and indoor air pollutants are reason enough to really clean your new home. However, if you need more convincing, you should know that maintaining a tidy home can also reduce your stress levels. For one, less clutter and grime is good for your mental health, but the very act of cleaning can also be repetitive enough to serve as mini meditation sessions. Since moving has been shown to be such a stressful event, finding simple self-care steps like cleaning and making it easier to breathe is a smart move to make. Need some additional calm to help you get through all the cleaning, unpacking, and moving? Consider using calming essential oils for a natural way to reduce odors and relieve moving stress as you settle into your new apartment or home. Lemon is a great option for helping your home smell fresh, while lavender can be used for those super stressful moves. 

A new home should be a chance for a fresh start. So, make sure that your new place is as fresh as possible by giving it a good scrub before you even think about moving in that very first box. Hire professional cleaners or tackle the cleaning on your own. Just get it done so that your new home is just as sweet and clean as it should be.

Written by: Charlotte Meier of

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