Waller ISD Enhances Bridgeland's Educational Landscape with Richard T. McReavy Elementary

New Elementary School Opening in Bridgeland!


Responding to the surging student population, Waller Independent School District (Waller ISD) is taking a significant step to enrich its educational offerings. Acquiring a 19-acre plot in Prairieland, the district is set to construct a second elementary school in the vibrant Bridgeland community, reflecting its commitment to quality education.

Waller ISD, recognized as one of Greater Houston's fastest-growing school districts, prioritizes smaller class sizes, lower student-teacher ratios, and personalized instruction. The district extends its impact through diverse educational and enrichment opportunities for preschool and school-age children, alongside adult education programs that contribute to the community's overall educational landscape.

The upcoming Richard T. McReavy Elementary School in Prairieland transcends academics by focusing on both mind and body. Featuring an ADA-compliant playground, the facility ensures a safe and inclusive environment for physical activities.

Located at 10330 Prairieland Crossing, this 112,000-square-foot campus is positioned to be an educational cornerstone. Opening its doors for the 2024-2025 school year, Richard T. McReavy Elementary will accommodate approximately 750 students from Prairieland Village and Creekland Village, ushering in a new era of educational possibilities in Bridgeland.


Waller ISD's proactive expansion of its educational footprint signifies a commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment for Bridgeland's growing community. The forthcoming Richard T. McReavy Elementary School epitomizes the district's dedication to nurturing a well-rounded education, ensuring academic excellence and personal growth in a supportive and enriching educational ecosystem. As we open the doors to this new chapter, Bridgeland's educational journey is poised for exciting and transformative experiences.

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