Stephanie Drewry --  C&T Mortgage

C&T Mortgage

I am very unique in the mortgage industry as I have been on both sides of the process; as a real estate agent and a loan officer. I truly feel that this has allowed me to understand the process as a whole; further helping my clients understand the process from start to finish. After much thought, I decided to devote my time to working alongside my clients to find the perfect loan product for them. I will make the process of securing a mortgage simple and straight forward by offering you the latest in financial tools that enable you to make sound financial decisions. I understand that every borrower has a unique situation; therefore there are a variety of mortgages to meet each person's individual needs from Government to Conventional, Fixed Rate to Adjustable, Refinances to Cash Out Refinances. I promise to find the perfect loan for each client based on their need. I look forward to helping you meet your mortgage needs!